In early 1981, there was a group of believers who prayerfully desired to be a part of a new congregation. God in His wisdom made known the plan and purpose for this body of believers to Pastor Gary L. Howard in powerful, indisputable ways.

The result was a new church comprised of old time Pentecostal believers who had a burning desire for revival as experienced by the early church in the book of Acts. This became The Lighthouse Church of Tulsa (formerly, New Life Pentecostal Church).

Grimes Elementary School

Grimes Elementary School

Initially, the congregation met in various places (such as hotels and school auditoriums), but eventually a lease was secured on the Holmes Elementary School at 45th Pl. & S. Peoria. This was our location until August of 1984. During this time, the church was blessed with an ongoing move of God, the Lord continuing to lead and guide, reaffirming His plan and purpose for the church in epic ways. One of these affirmations was a powerful message delivered by Reverend Larry Booker – “A Nail in a Sure Place.”

Much like the children of Israel, as God continued to move, so did the church! Once again, we relocated to the Jenks area near Main Street, at the corner of Apache & Elm. The church grew, but was in desperate need of a larger facility.

Holmes Elementary School

Holmes Elementary School

Apache & Elm in Jenks

In 1988, property was purchased at 106th & Hwy. 75, and a building constructed. With a collective sigh of relief, finally the church had a building of its own, with room to grow! We experienced the blessings of God in many ways as God continued to use Pastor Howard as he led our church into new growth and revival.

Unfortunately, not long after moving into the building, we were advised that a major highway (Creek Turnpike) would be built passing through the church property. This resulted in again relocating – this time to a Jenks storefront location – in September, 1990. Although this was unanticipated, God let us know that He was in control in spite of this twist and turn in our path. He so graciously continued to bless and work in the church throughout this transition.

106th & Hwy 75

106th & Hwy 75

Jenks Plaza on Mainstreet

New property was purchased – our present location of 1541 W. 71st St. in Tulsa. In May of 1991, we were able to move into the new facilities. The Lighthouse Church has enjoyed significant growth in the new location.

In early 1997, as Pastor Howard was delivering the Word of the Lord, God moved in a powerful way, which resulted in the start of a Christian school. The Lighthouse Christian Academy has been a tremendous blessing to many families since its onset. Subsequently the Family Life Center was built in 2000, helping to fulfill our mission to build strong families and to house our growing Christian school.

71st & Hwy 75

Family Life Center (Ribbon Cutting)

Throughout the history of The Lighthouse Church, God has graciously blessed and used Pastor Howard to lead the home church, as well as the start-up of other churches in the Tulsa Metro area. We are thankful for the sweet presence of the Lord and the moving of His Spirit that is witnessed in our services.


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