Things Thought Impossible

Things Thought Impossible

Things Thought Impossible


It was just a normal day, December 4, 2014, driving home from work when a 17-year-old girl pulled out in front of me as I was traveling 65 mph down the highway. God protected me and the girl from being killed in this accident. My truck rolled in the center median, tossing me around in the truck. But, amongst the tossing and turning God kept me in the driver seat. I give God the praise for His protection.

I was in severe pain, so I went to the ER where the doctors scanned my back and said I had a Transverse Process Fracture. In a few days, this would heal up on its own, just painful during the healing process. However, my back stayed in knots for over a year. I went to doctors, physical therapy, chiropractors and still got no relief.

The doctors sent me home with pain pills and muscle relaxers, telling me there was nothing they could do. My wife and children suffered along with me as I would come home from work in severe pain, laying around, doing everything I knew to do to try and get some relief. Living in continuous pain is not good for a family and someone that is doing something all of the time. I was unable to do the things I enjoy, like family time and doing what I can to help around the church.

After our special time of fasting and prayer in January of 2016, my God, who specializes in things thought impossible, healed my back and I haven’t taken a pain pill since. My God is an awesome God. My family and I give Him all of the glory and praise while I get to continue enjoying my family and working for the church. Thank God for His healing power!

“I am the LORD that healeth thee.”

Exodus 15:26


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