Bulging and Herniated Disc Healed

Charles Butler

He did it again – God healed me!

About 5 years ago I was injured while moving an office desk at work. According to the doctor, my injuries were a bulging disc and a herniated second disc, which should have resulted in surgery.

There was a period of one to two years, in which I was having to take a lot of medication and receiving shots to offer some relief in my spinal area. There were three additional years that I was dealing with excruciating back pain intermittently.

During those 5 years of back pain, I had extremely high blood pressure and had to visit a cardiologist annually. I had multiple tests to determine if blood vessels were collapsing, as well as to pinpoint why I was retaining fluid in my lower body, my hands were going numb, and why my feet were going to sleep.


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