Communique from Pastor Howard 6-15-20

Greetings to the wonderful Saints of Tulsa Lighthouse Church. It doesn’t seem possible but we are halfway through 2020. My, how times flies! Reflecting over the past six months, I realize we have so much to be thankful for. We have seen quite a number baptized, filled with the Holy Ghost and serving the Lord. Our revival with Brother Matt Watson was interrupted by the COVID-19 virus, but the spirit of evangelism has continued throughout this difficult period of time.

One of the main reasons I am writing this communique is to make you aware of the necessity of remaining vigilant as the restrictions are being lifted. There seems to be a general feeling in the populace, that because many businesses and other types of venues where large crowds of people gather are being reopened, the danger is past. A quick check of the current statistics will show you that the numbers of new cases and deaths are remaining very high. This pandemic will continue for quite some time before it runs its course and vaccines and medicines have been developed to deal with its threat. It is still premature to be having parties, bar-b-ques, and similar events where people are meeting in close proximity without practicing social distancing. Also, several different groups of our young adults spent some time together, only to learn a day or two later that they were with people that had been exposed and some that were already sick. Consequently, this combined with some that were exposed at work, etc., in our Sunday service this past weekend, we had six or seven families and several single adults that were self-quarantined because of COVOID-19 exposure. The good news is that several of our folks that were directly exposed were tested Saturday and got their reports this morning. Thanks be to God, every one of them tested negative. Several people have breathed a sigh of relief and are giving thanks to God for being so gracious and protecting us.

I have some suggestions that I hope you will seriously consider and do. If you have relaxed and are not following social distancing protocols and practicing good sanitation, I encourage you to do so immediately. Also, at our Church services, let us continue to follow the somewhat modified protocols that are in place for everyone’s safety. During this time, please be aware, not only for your personal protection but also others that you could expose to sickness and possibly death because of your carelessness or unconcern. The final word of caution regards the Trump Rally at the downtown BOK Conference Center. Over 300,000 were already signed up this past Friday. Everyone that attends must agree to the fact that the Center, President Trump or his business interests, the City of Tulsa, or no other entity is responsible if they are exposed to COVOID-19 at the rally. That should be warning enough that it would not be wise to attend this event. Think about your family members, Church members and friends that could be impacted if you contract this disease.

Finally, please remember to fast and pray tomorrow regarding Sister Ale Miller’s hearing about the future of her children. Let’s pray for her and her children for God to intervene and help her gain custody of her children. Thank you very much for reading and giving heed to this communique. We want to continue to be covered with the blood of Jesus and enjoy His favor on our lives and Church. God bless you!

Pastor GLHoward