God Stuns Doctors Again!

God Stuns Doctors Again!

God Stuns Doctors Again!

When Nadia was nine months old, her doctor noticed a cyst on her uvula. We were given a referral to a pediatric ear, nose, and throat doctor who monitored the cyst for a few months. During this time, the cyst caused Nadia to have foul breath and to get sick occasionally. Eventually, the ENT doctor recommended having the uvula removed and having the cyst biopsied as a precaution. The doctor would also patch a minor hole in her eardrum as well. Surgery was scheduled months in advance for November 2, 2017. The idea of our one-and-a-half-year-old baby going under general anesthesia kept us unsettled during these months of waiting. At a pre-op appointment a couple of weeks before the surgery date, the doctor confirmed the cyst was still there.

The Sunday before surgery, we were inspired by the testimony of healing shared by Sis. Hastings regarding her granddaughter. My husband, Clint, took Nadia to the front for prayer and felt like God touched her. The surgery day arrived and we all arrived early at the hospital for anesthesia and surgery prep. Pastor Howard was present. The ENT doctor eventually arrived to talk to us about the procedure. Clint asked him if he could double-check that the cyst was still there. The doctor said he would expect the cyst to still be there but that he would look again since we asked. He got out his tongue depressor and light to examine Nadia’s uvula and expressed some puzzlement because he didn’t see the cyst. So he scrutinized it again and confirmed that the cyst was gone! He said that Nadia wouldn’t need to have her uvula removed. He still recommended getting the hole in her eardrum patched, but that this was actually optional and would just require mild sedation with some gas and not the general anesthesia. What was going to be a fairly serious surgery and long, painful recovery turned into a five-minute procedure with minimal recovery time. We all felt the heaviness lift and thanked God for touching Nadia, demonstrating His healing power! -Larisha Boaz

“I am the LORD that healeth thee.”

Exodus 15:26



  1. natalia 1 year ago

    thats awesome!!

  2. natalia 1 year ago

    wow thats amazing

  3. Raphael Clausen 1 year ago

    Esse é o Todo Poderoso Jesus!
    6Curitiba, Paraná – Brasil

  4. Mabelle Ajah 10 months ago

    Praise the living God!! He is the greatest surgeon and physician. Hallelujah!!!

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