Heart Disease Healed!

Heart Disease Healed!

Heart Disease Healed!

Jeron Rotert

For several years I had been dealing with something in my health, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. I would regularly black out, pass out, have shaky and dizzy spells, and feel very weak. As time went on, it began to get worse. The black outs were multiple times a day. I would often feel weak and exhausted and struggle to make it through the day without a long nap. I also would have to eat on a certain schedule or my blood sugar would drop, and I might pass out. 

In October of 2018, I was working in an attic, about to leave, when I passed out. I ended up being taken to an urgent care, and from there, I was taken to the emergency room at Saint Francis Hospital. After several months of testing, they were finally able to find out that I had Neurocardiogenic syncope. I began seeing a cardiologist and visiting my primary care doctor very frequently. I also began working with a licensed dietician for people who have similar medical conditions as mine.  During this time, I was believing in God for healing and being prayed for every service that I could. 

After a while, I did become discouraged, because it seemed that I would always have to live with this condition. It began to get worse, and my healthcare providers didn’t really have any solutions except for strong medication. I was prescribed medicine which seemed to help a little, but then offered a new challenge of dealing with the side effects. 

Several people were very encouraging and supportive during this time. I am very thankful for their prayers and helpful words that lifted me up when I was discouraged. Bro.Chad and Sis. Johna Short were especially an encouragement to me and kept my faith up. Sis. Johna Short had stated that she believed I was going to get my healing during the revival with Bro. Watson. 

One night, I believe it was a Friday night, Bro. Watson preached about healing. He asked for a prayer line at the end of his message. I was prayed for like before and felt the presence of God. However, after everyone was done being prayed for, he challenged us to worship God like we would when we know we got our miracle. While I was worshipping, I claimed and thanked God for healing me.I felt so much peace, and joy, and energy. I noticed that I wasn’t feeling the shakiness and things that I normally felt. I told multiple people that night what I had felt, and that I believed that I was healed. 

Ever since that night, I have not had one episode. I have not blacked out once. I have not passed out or gotten dizzy either. I am no longer on my medication, and am feeling great and have more energy now then I have in several years! I have been telling those I know who also have NCS or other similar diseases, encouraging them that they can be healed as well! To God be the glory! I am so thankful that I am no longer dealing with this disease!

– Jeron Rotert


“…and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.”

Luke 4:40



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