FC Home Devotionals

In 2019, Pastor Gary Howard taught our families about the importance of a family altar and emphasized the need for parents to teach their children in the home. These devotionals are provided to be used by parents as a guide for weekly home devotions.

They were written by Elder Kenneth Baglin and edited by Brandon Hill. Also, a special thanks to all the others who have helped with this project: Lori Rotert, Rebecca White, Brooke Bible, and James Short.

There is nothing greater in this world than the Word of God, given by God, the creator of all things. It is our hope that these devotionals will strengthen and help each member of your family grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


  • The father, when possible, should lead each of the weekly devotions, reading and asking any question that is mentioned in the devotion.
  • Have different members of the family also help you read from the Bible.
  • Always remember to start and end with prayer.
  • Incorporate Acts 2:38 in every devotion.
  • You may want to have some type of refreshments, songs, and even family games on certain nights.
  • Make these family nights special and rewarding to the whole family.
  • When possible have a Bible for each member of the family.



The information that follows this icon helps you apply the material being covered to your family.


When you see this icon, what follows is the key point in the lesson that you need to emphasis to your family.


At the end of each lesson will be a section with age-related supplemental activities. There will be enough ideas so that if you are able to have devotions on more than one night, you’ll have plenty of activities.


Copyright ©2020 by Tulsa Lighthouse Church, Tulsa, OK. No part of these materials may be copied, distributed or reproduced in any form without the express written consent of Tulsa Lighthouse Church. (Members of TLC are granted permission to download and print, as needed.)

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