Healed of Lyme Disease!

Chad Short

Sometime in the early part of 2017, I contracted Lyme disease. At first, I thought I was getting the flu. Then I began getting severe headaches. Then joints all over my body began locking up, and I experienced excruciating pain. For example, one morning I woke up and reached to pull the covers off. My right elbow was in so much pain that I was unable to even pull the blankets off. As I eased out of bed, I almost went to the floor because my knees were in so much pain I could barely walk.  

The doctor gave me doxycycline, an antibiotic used to combat Lyme disease. I got next-day relief so I finished the prescribed dose of doxycycline. However, the joint pain returned over time. I began taking the doxycycline again, but this time it didn’t help. I have a very physical job and was not able to work as normal because of the pain and major fatigue I was experiencing. Hearing how Lyme disease had affected people, sometimes staying in their system for 30 years, I was pretty down about the condition I was in, being only 31 at the time.

However, God always has the last word and specializes in hopeless situations. On a Sunday afternoon, November 5th, 2017 as Pastor Howard taught on Divine Healing, you could feel the Spirit of God move through the sanctuary. Pastor Howard stopped his lesson and encouraged us to entertain the presence of God. He said, “If anybody needs a healing, stand on your feet and tell God what you need.”

I immediately stood to my feet asking God to heal me of Lyme disease. As I stood, I noticed that I had no pain in my knees! With my hands raised in praise to God, I felt as if warm oil was being poured into my joints. For the first time in over 8 months, I had no pain in my joints!

Overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness for what God had just done in my body, I began to run the aisles as soon as worship service started. I had no pain in my knees as I worshiped. When I got back to my seat, I felt sharp pains in my wrists. I immediately rebuked the devil and unbelief, and then began to thank God again for healing me of Lyme disease. The pain went away instantly. This happened periodically for the next two weeks and when it did, I’d just start thanking God for healing me of Lyme disease and it would go away immediately. 

It has now been 5 months since my healing and I still do not have the fatigue and joint pain that I had experienced as a result of Lyme disease.

Healed Rotor Cuff!

Nathaniel Z. Wilson

About 5 years ago, I injured my rotor cuff on the job.  After that, I had problems with it being extremely sore and it would pop uncomfortably. I had tried different methods of stretching/exercises to try and get relief and hardly received any. On Sunday, November 5th, 2017, when Pastor Howard taught on healing, and it carried over into the main service, I felt that God was wanting to heal me of the pain I had dealt with for so long.  

In the middle of that service, as God was moving so powerfully, Pastor Howard had certain men in the church go out into the congregation to pray for others. Brother Chad Short was one that had also received a miraculous healing, and as he came down the aisle I was attending as an usher, I felt God so strongly prompt me to have him pray for me.

Well, the devil tried to discourage me and make me feel like I didn’t really need that healing, and that it wasn’t really that big of a deal. I didn’t hesitate to rebuke him in Jesus’ name and went on ahead and had him pray for me! As Brother Chad was praying for me, I felt an icy-hot sensation fill, not just one, but both of my shoulders!  At that moment, I knew that God had instantly healed me! All the praise and glory goes to Him!

“I am the LORD that healeth thee.”

Exodus 15:26


Right Shoulder Healed!

Rebecca Morrell

One morning, I woke up with a knot on my right shoulder. I had been in pain all day and couldn’t raise my right arm straight up. At church, I got prayed for during pre-service prayer. No more knot; I was pain-free! Instantly healed! That’s the kind of God we serve. Thank you, Jesus, for always healing me!

Back Pain Healed!

Shannon McCoy

For a year and a half, I had pain in my lower back and hip, many times radiating down into my leg. When I went to the doctor, he said it was stress related and gave me an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxers. When the I finished the meds, I was still in pain. The doctor ordered an x-ray and sent me to a sports medicine doctor who was supposed to specialize in muscles and muscle pain. The new doctor reviewed my x-rays, said they looked really good and ordered physical therapy.

The physical therapist also reviewed the x-rays, said they looked good and gave me some stretches that should have alleviated the spasms. They helped to some degree, but I was still in pain all the time and taking pain relievers on a regular basis. I had gone up for prayer a few times, would feel some relief, then the pain would return.

On Sunday, September 10th, I was in pain again. I went up for prayer when they called for prayer for the sick. I really felt like the Lord touched me while I was being prayed for. The pain was still there but not like it had been. Within a day or two, I noticed the pain had completely disappeared…and has stayed gone!

I had been carrying pain relievers in my purse for over a year so I could get relief. I haven’t had to take anything for back pain since September!  Praise God!

“…he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.”

Matthew 10:1


Glaucoma Healed!

Judy Paul

On January 20, 2018, I went in for an eye check-up. The doctor told me the pressure in my eyes was very high. It measured 29 points in my left eye and 32 in my right (12-22 is the normal range). He prescribed eye drops for glaucoma immediately until I could have further testing. I was using one drop every night in each eye.

On Sunday the 18th of February, I went up for special prayer during our church service. At this time, I had been using the eye drops for about a month.

On February 22nd, I saw an eye specialist. He ran several different tests and then came in to show us the graphs of the test results. Every test had normal results all the way across the board.

He said my eye pressure measured sixteen points in both eyes. He also said that the optic nerve was perfect and the cornea was the perfect thickness. My eyes were very healthy.

We asked the doctor if the eye drops I had been using were what had lowered the pressure. He said they couldn’t have lowered it over fifteen points in the time I had been using them.

No glaucoma!

Praise God for His healing power!

Old Back Injury Healed!

Carolyn Kinney

In 1989, I fell down a full flight of stairs (13 steps); no bones were broken, but a lot of damage was done to my mid and lower back.  Serious nerve pain and tingling began a few years later, and I have been in almost constant pain since.

On Sunday, November 5, Pastor Howard taught on “The Prayer of Faith.”  The power of God fell in our Bible class and carried through our time of prayer between Sunday School and church and on into the service. 

The pain was severe that day, but I was standing praying for someone.  Bro. James Short asked if I needed prayer for healing.  I said, “Yes, please!”  While he was praying for me, all the pain left and has not returned.

“…and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.”

Luke 4:40


Bulging and Herniated Disc, Healed!

Charles Butler, Sr

He did it again – God healed me!

About 5 years ago I was injured while moving an office desk at work. According to the doctor, my injuries were a bulging disc and a herniated second disc, which should have resulted in surgery.

There was a period of one to two years, in which I was having to take a lot of medication and receiving shots to offer some relief in my spinal area. There were three additional years that I was dealing with excruciating back pain intermittently.

During those 5 years of back pain, I had extremely high blood pressure and had to visit a cardiologist annually. I had multiple tests to determine if blood vessels were collapsing, as well as to pinpoint why I was retaining fluid in my lower body, my hands were going numb, and why my feet were going to sleep.  

My testimony is that God has done it again! He has healed me! I thank God not only for my healing, but for a great and awesome church family and pastor who prayed for me during this time!

It was in August 2014 during a minister’s conference that God healed me. I remember so clearly when God led my Pastor to lay hands on me and pray; I felt the power of God come all over me! I do declare, it was the prayer of faith from all those who prayed for me, and God miraculously healed my body!

If I could say one more thing – hold on, GOD has the power to do anything! He will do it again! I love you, Jesus! Amen!

Miracle Baby!

Ashley (and Riley) Burdett

Steven and I had been married for about 8 years, and we still had no children, even though we had prayed about it for years. We had talked about just giving up and pouring our time into our careers and building a house and living the “American Dream.” In 2013, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, one of the leading causes of infertility. In 2014, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disorder which also contributes to infertility. So, needless to say, the dream I’d had since I was a little girl of being a mommy was looking less and less likely of becoming a reality.

We decided that we didn’t want to do fertility treatments and adoption was an option, but way out of our reach financially.  In 2015, I went to the OBGYN for a medication visit and she told me if I even wanted a chance to have a baby, I’d need to be on medication for at least a year.  I didn’t want to do that. She prescribed me medication for something else that day that would cause serious birth defects. I kept thinking, “I need to make sure I’m not pregnant before I start this just to be safe. I know I’m not but just to be extra cautious.” Well, little did I know that God had already given us our miracle baby. All the cute little ideas I had planned for years of how I would tell Steven ended up being forgotten, and I ran to the living room and said, “Uh, uh, uh, uh.” Brilliant plan!

The 1st doctor visit was 2 weeks later, and the same doctor said if we had known, we could have been talking about this instead of being on meds for a year. We got to go see our baby, and then the doctor walked back in and said, “We think your baby may have Downs Syndrome.”  Talk about an emotional roller-coaster. I went to the specialist and their tests were negative, but they wanted to test for Turner Syndrome. That was also negative. They said the umbilical cord didn’t develop properly, so the baby may be small and not develop as she should. They said her heart and kidneys may not function correctly. Then they said the cord was on the side of the placenta, so she may not get the nutrition she needs affecting her development and growth. Each time we were given a negative report, I would get prayed for, and on October 5th, 2015, I held a perfectly healthy baby in my arms!

While I was pregnant, I found out that at Ladies’ Retreat 2014, in a service where the power of God just moved in so strong, Sis. Hope White said God told her “When the time is right, Ashley will have a baby.” She said she didn’t tell me then because she was afraid I would think she is crazy (and I do, but not for that reason). But, I’m glad she waited so I didn’t keep wondering when that would be.

A week or so after Riley was born, we noticed she had wet diapers but no dirty ones. This went on for months. I kept taking her to the doctor, and he said just keep doing what I was doing, that she would outgrow it.  She was about 5 months old and the issue was not resolved. We were sent to a specialist, and he thought it was Hirschsprung’s Disease, which would mean taking out the defective part of her colon, putting in a colostomy bag, and then when she was older, going back to remove the bag and repair the colon. I went to Pastor in tears at prayer that night. He was kneeling in his usual place and I sat there and told him and asked for him to pray for her. I had her on my lap and my hand on her tummy. He put his hand over mine, and when he began praying, I felt everything in her tummy began to shift and move around. That night we knew God had healed her! She had to have a procedure on her 6 month birthday to confirm no Hirschsprung’s Disease, and it came back perfectly normal, and she has had no problems since.

In February, she got RSV and had to be hospitalized because her oxygen was in the high 70’s, low 80’s.  After having her prayed for, she only had to stay in there for one night due to the improvement! She kept getting recurring ear infections, so we went to a specialist to see if she had to have tubes put in both ears.  I started asking people to pray about it and started taking her up for prayer on Sundays. We went last week and they said she doesn’t need tubes, the eardrums are functioning just as they should!

So, not only did we receive our miracle baby but she has had so many miracles in her (almost) 11 months of life. When you think your miracle is not going to come, or you get weary of waiting, or it isn’t happening like you think it should, just keep holding on to a little grain of faith.  Keep hoping and believing even when it looks hopeless.  The miracle of Riley and all her healings played a part in her daddy coming back to God after 7 years. God had been working on my miracles long before I could see the results.

Don’t give up, you have no idea what God is working on just for you even right now.  It will happen “when the time is right.” 

Gluten Food Allergy, Healed!

Shane Bailey

I had been experiencing several issues with my health for quite awhile. I had headaches, dizziness, confusion, and major digestion problems. At times, I would have severe reactions after I would eat. I went to the doctor and was told that I was no longer able to eat gluten. My family and I changed the way we ate to accommodate my new diet. Changing my diet did a couple of things. First, it cleansed my body of gluten causing me to feel a lot better. If I didn’t eat gluten, I didn’t experience the negative health issues previously mentioned. Second, the reaction to eating gluten was now worse because my body was completely rid of it at this point. The doctor said it was poison to my system. There were several times I ate food that was in contact with gluten food, and it made me very sick. My food allergy became more severe than before. I realized that this was going to be an adjustment that my family and I would have to get used to.

During a worship service at the beginning of November, Pastor Howard sent men into the congregation to anoint with oil and pray for the sick. I asked Brother French to pray for me. I felt God touch me, and I believed that God took away this food allergy.

On November 6th, 2017 (just a few days after I was prayed for), I took a group of employees to lunch. They wanted Italian food. The employees apologized for suggesting Italian food once they remembered my food allergy. I told them not to worry about it because I believed God healed me, and I planned on eating pasta and plenty of bread to go with it. I did tell them that if I do have a reaction to make sure someone else drives back to work.

I ate a bowl of spaghetti and several pieces of bread and had no issues…no headache, no confusion, no pain, and no digestion issues. I called my wife and told her what I did and confirmed that God healed me from a severe food allergy.

The Lord performed a great miracle of healing for me, and it was just in time for Thanksgiving!

“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.”

Hebrews 13:8


A Severe Toothache, Healed!


Kenny Copeland

I worked Monday night, April 2nd. During the night, I developed a pretty bad toothache. (I have had one other toothache in my lifetime, and it took a drill & fill and 2-3 weeks of two different antibiotics to get rid of it.) By noon on Tuesday, my right lower gum line had swelled considerably and was inflamed and hurting. By Wednesday, it had worsened.

I don’t like dentists at all, and I could just hear them saying I needed a root canal. Not me “brutha.” My wife and daughter Kristen prayed for me, and when I woke Thursday morning, all swelling and pain were totally gone, and it’s been that way ever since. I have NO DOUBT that God healed that infection. This may not seem so great to a lot of people, but it was very great for me, and I thank the Lord for it!