Old Back Injury Healed!

Old Back Injury Healed!

Old Back Injury Healed!

Carolyn Kinney

In 1989, I fell down a full flight of stairs (13 steps); no bones were broken, but a lot of damage was done to my mid and lower back.  Serious nerve pain and tingling began a few years later, and I have been in almost constant pain since.

On Sunday, November 5, Pastor Howard taught on “The Prayer of Faith.”  The power of God fell in our Bible class and carried through our time of prayer between Sunday School and church and on into the service. 

The pain was severe that day, but I was standing praying for someone.  Bro. James Short asked if I needed prayer for healing.  I said, “Yes, please!”  While he was praying for me, all the pain left and has not returned.

“…and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.”

Luke 4:40


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