Back Healed After 15 Years!

Back Healed After 15 Years!

Back Healed after 15 Years!



While serving in the ARMY my lower back was injured at age 21. Two discs in my back were herniated, and blocking spinal cord nerves that controlled the lower half of my body. I lived with this injury for 12 months before I was able to have surgery. This delay in treatment, resulted in nerve damage in my legs; which made it difficult to walk without limping, as I have no strength in my right leg or foot.

Since being discharged from the military, I’ve been to the VA multiple times; at one point I was taking a lot of medication for pain management and nerve damage. A few years ago I stopped taking medication and decided to live with the pain. I also made the decision to refrain from talking about my injuries, the related pain or ongoing care. I felt that discussing these issues would just bring other people down.

On March 2, 2016, Missionary Brad Lambeth preached that everyone has the faith we need, but doubt keeps us from receiving our healing.  I remember walking to the altar, and praying as he had exhorted in his message. I rebuked doubt, and prayed saying “Lord, I believe you will heal me.”

As I went to the altar, many others went forward for prayer as well; so many, that I wasn’t close enough for the ministry to pray for me personally.  I still believed, and felt the Lord would heal me because of 1.) Obedience and 2.) Because I was able to take care of the doubt that I struggled with for so long – for the first time I didn’t have unbelief.

While walking back to my seat, I felt something start happening in my lower back that I’ve never felt before. This is difficult to describe but as I was walking, I felt movement in my lower back. When I approached the pew, I felt bones in my lower back begin to move, twist, spread apart and then almost “lock into place.” This didn’t feel like I “popped my back.” It felt supernatural!

I’ve been pain-free since that night, which had not happened in over 15 years!  

Since that time I’ve played basketball spent hours doing yard work, have gone camping, hiking and other activities that would have resulted in pain, and temporary loss of mobility. Thanks to God’s wonderful healing power – I’m still pain-free!

“I am the LORD that healeth thee.”

Exodus 15:26



  1. Philip Bundy 5 years ago

    Thank God for his healing power!

  2. Kayla baldwin 4 years ago

    God is so good! Thank you Jesus for the wonderful healing and a powerful testimony

  3. RICHARD PRIVITT 4 years ago

    GOD is so good…Thank GOD For HIS Healing power

  4. Brenda Russell 3 years ago

    Praise the Lord! He is a wonderful father! Your testimony is up lifting to many.

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